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Compulsory Meeting 09-09-2010

Yorkshire Volleyball Association Pre-Season Meeting

7.30 pm Thursday 9 September 2010,

Holiday Inn Express, Oulton LS26 8EJ               Directions




22 members attended – all League Clubs present


Mike Turner (Chair), Tim Godson (Secretary), Doug Lawson (Mens League Sec, SYVA & Barnsley), Ed Humphries (Youth Development Officer), Simon Bailey (Boathouse), Clare Brewster (Boathouse), Dan Westerdale (Menwith Hill), Stewart Miller (York VC), 

Derek Cattle (York Phoenix)

Dave Fielding (York Phoenix), 

Mark Savage (Leeds), Martin Worsnop (Beverley & HEYVA), Colin Elsey (Hawks), Anthony Laffan (North Ridings Eagles), Keith Lewin (North Ridings Eagles), Roger Kittle (Sheffield), David Roberts (Sheffield), Hayley Waldridge (Harrogate), Liz Johnson (Harrogate), Radek Musiala (Wakefield Polonia), Helen Barker (Harrogate Grammar School)


1. Apologies

Deb Smart (Treasurer), 

Glenn Wraith (Women’s League Secretary), 

Steve Matthews (Coaching Administrator), 

Di Hollows (Refs Administrator)


2. Minutes

Minutes of the last meeting, available on the YVA site, were agreed to be an accurate record. Actions from two previous meetings would be dealt with during the meeting.


3. Chairs Update

The Chair gave an update on the changes from the Volleyball England AGM. The Constitution now only allows clubs to vote and not Associations. The Board candidate process is a little more involved.  Volleyball England is now a community interest company.  Questions were raised whether it could be changed back if it did not work out, this would presumably require a vote at another AGM.


The Change 4 Life programme is being rolled out to schools in the Region.  Funding is being made available for equipment and coaching at the schools.  Clubs were recommended to support the development of the programme.


A new officer at Volleyball England was responsible for Club Accreditation – Kate Rotheryk.rothery@volleyballengland.com and should have been in touch with all clubs working towards accreditation. 


4. Referees Coordinator Update

A new referee co-ordinator has agreed to take over the role – Steve Byrne.  

A Level 4 Refs Course will be organised. Dates of matches and events should be forwarded to Diane Hollows so that existing referees can be upgraded.


5. Coaching Administrator Update

No update was presented. 


6. Treasurer’s Report

No update was presented.


Invoices from the Association will be sent via email to all the Club Secretaries.


7. Youth Development Officer Report

Trials for the Yorkshire Junior squads - Girls: U14 and U16, Boys: U15 and U17 - would be held on 25 September 2010. Details of this and the training sessions would be on the YVA web site.  Send details of players to 

Squad Managers:


8. Premier League Rules

Doug reminded Clubs of the changes to the rules and that an increased bond was agreed at the AGM and rules would be enforced with help of referees – whose role at matches was to support the Society.  A workshop would be organised to support this. The new registration system has come into force and fines would be enforced for non-production of cards – with photo ID being a back up otherwise players would not be able to take part in games.


ACTION - Treasurer to liaise with League Secretaries over collection of fines/loss of bonds .


9. & 10. Yorkshire League Programme - 

Men's and Women's

Both League Secretaries plans were thrown out by the unfortunate withdrawal of York Phoenix from both Leagues on the night.  Attempts would be made to fill the vacant positions left – particularly where 12 teams were needed to make the structure work.


In the Men’s League – Carnegie Men and Menwith Hill Men were relegated last season and due to their poor organisational record were not invited to rejoin.

Barnsley had 2 teams last season and chose to enter only one this season.

Wakefield Polonia were promoted via the "play offs" from the West Yorkshire league. 

This left 2 spare places to fill if we were to maintain a league of 12. 

Sheffield 2 were 2nd in the South Yorkshire and applied to take the place of Worksop who declined to take their promotion place and "supported" by their association YVA accepted their application.

Harrogate 2 were 2nd in West Yorkshire and applied "supported" by their Association and were accepted by YVA.


Junior League

Currently 5 teams – York, Harrogate, Worksop, Boathouse and Garforth. Looking for further teams.  Reminder that the games should be played under normal rules with a qualified 1st Referee and suitable 2nd referee


11. Cup Competitions

The Cup Competitions were restructured to three team round robins followed by knock out – new teams would be sort due to the loss from the competition of York Phoenix.

The Cup/Plate/Shield finals day will be Sunday 10 April 2011. The venue is to be confirmed.

The three Finals would be held on 10 April 2011

It was agreed that the Area Champions Trophy would be held on 22 May 2011.


12. Area League Updates



Potentially have 6 or 7 teams that will be entering the association this year – entries expected end of month.


West Yorkshire League

Entries due in after the meeting – hoping to also run a Ladies Competition.


In North Yorkshire it was intended to run one day competitions for Ladies rather than Leagues


South Yorkshire League

Six teams have confirmed, with potentially one more joining the association. Matches are to be started as soon as possible.


13. Tournaments

Tim Godson would discuss with Volleyball England the deadline for submission of tournaments for official Volleyball England summer events, then arrange a meeting to discuss this in the region.


14. Date and Venue of the AGM

Tuesday 7 June at the Holiday Inn Express, Oulton, Leeds. Details will be confirmed.


15. Any Other Business

Harrogate questioned whether the answer to the question from the previous year as to whether junior boys can play in the Ladies Premier League – THIS IS NOT ALLOWED


Sitting Volleyball Taster Session at Leeds Carnegie on 23rd October, further details from Simon Loftus at Leeds Met University.