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Compulsory Meeting 11-09-2012


Tuesday 11th September 2012

7.30pm at the Holiday Inn, Oulton, Leeds



14 members attended the meeting

Doug Lawson

Men’s League Secretary, SYVA & Barnsley - Chair

Patrick Sprakes

Craig English

Liz Wright

HEYVA & All Stars

Tim Godson

Secretary & York

Grace Wong

Boathouse Ladies

Liz Johnson


Dan Westerdale

Menwith Hill

Dave Roberts

Junior Co-ordinator & DNA Volley

Oliver Gregory

Leeds Garforth and WYVA

Mo Bucksun

Treasurer & Hawks

Siouxsie Gregory


Roger Kittle


Anthony Laffan

North Riding Eagles V.C.


1. Apologies for Absence

Steve Mathews – Coaching Co-ordinator (report provided by e-mail)

Mike Turner  - Chair

Martin Worsnop - Beverley

2. Minutes

Actions from two previous meetings would be dealt with during the meeting

3. Chair's update

Busy summer due to the Olympic and Paralympic Games all volunteers and technical officials from the Region were thanked for their support for the Games.

At the Volleyball England AGM a vote to introduce individual membership was rejected but would the subject of an EGM in November.  Clubs should make their wishes known by voting directly at the meeting or using their proxy vote.  The meeting needed more information on the costs and benefits of this approach.

ACTION – Regional Secretary to write to VE to get more information on this on behalf of the Clubs in the Association.

4. Referees Administrator's Update

No update from the AGM

5. Coaching Administrator's Update

It was hoped to run a Grade 2 course later in the season.

6. Treasurer’s Update

The treasurer was now able to pay out funds but had not been able to access a full range of information on previous transactions so had not been able to produce a financial statement.  The YVA held reserves of funds.

League fees were collected at the meeting and a reminder for rest to be submitted ASAP.

ACTION – League Secretaries/Treasurer

7. Junior Coordinator's Update

It was intended that Regional squads would be run even though the future format of the Interregional Competition was under discussion.  There were coaches in most areas but more help welcome.  Any clubs with players that would be appropriate for this higher level of competition should be nominated to the Co-ordinator, they should have at least reasonable skills to be able to successfully take part. 

ACTION – Clubs with Junior Sections to nominate players to region squads

Another outlet for junior competition was through VE National Cups but at North Group level one of two clubs dominated so it was difficult to progress further. There was a discussion whether greater success could be achieved by grouping clubs across the Association with junior sections, this was being considered by some teams.

There was still an audit for clubs to complete on the number of junior players they had to help planning in the Association.  But it was agreed that there were several clubs with players looking for an out let to play who might not be suitable at this stage for Regional squads.  It was agreed that two four-a-side competitions would be organised at the mid-point and end of the season.

ACTION – Clubs to complete audit of players, Junior Co-ordinator to organise two junior competitions at mid-point and end of season.

8. Premier League Rules

The meeting was reminded of the amendments agreed and a new set of rules was passed to all teams and will be placed on the Association website. 

Clubs were reminded about registration processes and the need to follow these and other rules.

There was a discussion around how best to notify secretaries of League results and for a Table to be produced.  A move to a paperless system had been discussed at the AGM to save postage and make use of modern IT facilities such as scanners.  .A new system which involved teams using an A4 score sheet or scanning in relevant parts of the score sheet would be trialled/introduced for the coming season

On the League Table, HEYVA discussed their current system where teams had a password to enter a result on a website and the League was updated automatically.  It was agreed a similar system could be explored for the YVA.  A quote was received for the system and this was accepted by the meeting.  It would be hosted as part of the HEYVA website but linked through to the YVA website.  Due to issues with the current website the YVA needed to be replaced in the medium term, if the results page worked well the same person might be approached to develop the new site.  There were currently issues with the ownership of the current YVA website, this would need to be resolved for any new site.

ACTION HEYVA to liaise on creation of new results page.  League Secretaries to inform teams of the methods of informing them of results and for entering results on the Table when available.

9 Yorkshire League Programme

9.1   Men’s League

12 teams so the same structure as the previous season.

The meeting was informed that Boathouse no longer wished to enter a team in the competition, Harrogate 2 having previously withdrawn and Leeds Garforth replacing Wakefield Polonia who withdrew during the previous season.  Due to this late notice it was considered that the YVA rules indicated that Boathouse would lose their bond.

DNA Volley indicated they would be willing to enter a team.  The Secretary reminded the meeting of the usual requirement to have won a place by playing in one of the Area Leagues. However, the Chairs of HEYVA, West and South Yorkshire indicated that there were no further teams from their Leagues seeking to gain promotion to the League.  Leeds Garforth had already been promoted from West Yorkshire.

It was therefore agreed that DNA Volley would fulfil the place in the fixture list vacated by Boathouse.

9.2 Women’s League

DNA Volley and HEYVA had entered the Ladies league so there was a full compliment of 10 teams.  The Men’s Secretary handed out a League Fixture list at the meeting and explained that he had stepped in to help out and had not in all cases been able to balance the need of clubs to have Men’s/Ladies team home on the same or different weeks as requested.  All Clubs were encouraged to play the fixture on the week as indicated where possible. 

It was recognised in both Leagues there were teams who had entered the National Volleyball Club as a team and this took precedent over League fixtures where a clash was unavoidable.  Having individual players involved in NVL games was not a valid reason as a Club by entering the YVA League had taken on responsibilities for fielding teams in its League programme. 

Leeds indicated they were confident they should have a team which is why they entered the League but would not be in a position to confirm this until players met for training sessions.

ACTION – Leeds to confirm to League Secretary and Team their participation.

The meeting thanked Doug for acting to help ensure that the Women’s League had been organised before the season started. 

9.3            Juniors

See above for junior competitions.


10. Cup Competitions

At the meeting there were uneven numbers of teams in both Men’s and Women’s Cups so the decision was taken to hold off drawing the competition and give teams until the end of September to enter or re-enter the YVA Cup Competitions.

ACTION All teams to enter teams for Cup to Doug Lawson by 30/9 and to pass the invite to other clubs inside or close to the region to take part.

The Cup/Plate/Shield finals day is to be Sunday 21st April 2013. The venue is to be confirmed.

11. Area Association Updates

11.1 HEYVA

Have new teams and their League was growing.

11.2 West Yorkshire League Association

Some teams had been promoted but it was hoped that others would join including other Universities in West/North Yorkshire so that a West Yorks Men and YVA Div 1 for Ladies would still go ahead with a good number of teams.

11.3 South Yorkshire League Association

Similar teams likely to enter as per previous season but Prison struggling to field a team – DNA Volleyball – based in Sheffield may be able to enter a team.

12 AOB

Beach Volleyball was a growing area of the sport and other Regions had Beach Volleyball Co-ordinators.  The meeting agreed that Anthony Laffan would be nominated as the YVA Beach Volleyball Co-ordinator.  It was hoped to promote a YVA Beach Tour in 2013.

13 Date and Venue of the AGM

The AGM on Wednesday 12th June 2013 – venue TBC