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Compulsory Meeting 17-09-2008


Compulsory Pre-season Meeting, 17th September 2008 - InnKeeper's Lodge, Oulton


Present - Dan 'Harri' Harrison - Deputy Chair, Diane Hollows - Referees Co-ordinator, Debra Smart (DS) - YVA Treasurer, Steve Matthews - YVA Coach co-ordinator, Tim Godson - Minutes Secretary


Clubs - All member clubs


1. Apologies - Glenn Wraith - Ladies League Sec, Mike Turner - YVA Chair


2. Minutes - accepted as true record. 

Matters arising - Accounts to be agreed at Exec Meeting. Change in rules agreed at previous pre-season meeting needs to be included on website.


3. Referees Co-ordinator 

Need to train further new referees and develop existing referees. Plan to run a Grade 4 course - Hawks & Beverley offered a venue for a weekend course and would liaise with Diane. Diane & Debbie to organise a clinic later in the year


4. Coaching Co-ordinator 

Due to lack of knowledge of the active coaches in the region's clubs it was difficult to plan a development programme to utilise the resource of well qualified senior coaches based in the region. To fill this gap a questionnaire was due to be sent to all clubs. 

ACTION - All Clubs to report coaching activity by answering questionnaire.


5. League Finances 

These were good, with £1,234 in the general account and £3,203 in the junior development account. It was up to clubs to bid for funds that would be spent for the benefit of Yorkshire Volleyball. Most clubs needed to pay their League fees - some paid on the evening.


6. Youth Development Officer 

Junior sessions were planned for September (now passed) squads were U15 & U17 Boys and U14 & U16 Girls. Training sessions would be organised which players did not attend the trials could attend. A Grand Prix season was planned with events in various parts of the region - starting at Stokesley, North Yorkshire on 19 October Details of all sessions can be found on the Yorkshire Volleyball Website - Junior section.


7. Secretary's Report 

Electronic system had worked well the previous season and would be continued for all three Leagues. It was intended that referees & scorers should check and record whether registration forms were present and sanctions would be taken.


8. League Secretary (Men) 

Had been late going out as waiting to try and increase numbers of Div 1 teams. 

8.1 Standard of scorers and second refs queried at Moorlands - Referees rep and Div 1 clubs were happy if 1st Ref was qualified and score was kept, even though official score sheet not used. 

8.2 Query over NVL players playing in Div 1 games. 

Question was raised whether if both teams fielded an NVL player, could they agree to waive the requirement to concede the game so the result would stand. This was felt to be in contravention of the spirit of the rules and could affect League placings. The current rule would be enforced. After further discussion it was agreed that to change any league rule the sub-committee would need to meet again.


9 League Secretary (Women) 

Fixtures sent out with contact list. Please ensure that the results go to Glenn clearly labelled.


10. Cup Competition 

On the evening 8 Ladies teams came forward and 12(?) men, the draw was carried out after the meeting. Leeds Carnegie offered their venue for the Cup finals and Tournament - this was accepted but it was agreed to look for other venues, to move these events around the region in future years. In view of this offer it was agreed to waive the loss of bond for Leeds Carnegie that might have followed non-attendance at the AGM in May.


11. Tournaments 

11.1 There had not been opportunity to organise the pre-season tournament. 

11.2 It was intended to re-run the successful end of season tournament - venue see above. 

11.3 York VC were keen to host the Volleyball England Regional Grass Series Event again on similar lines to 2008, if other clubs were interested they should send an expression of interest to the Committee before the December Exec meeting. 

ACTION Clubs to send expression of interest to secretary before December


12 Date & Venue of AGM  - Monday 11th May - Inn Keepers Lodge, Oulton