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Compulsory Meeting 19-09-2007

Pre-season Meeting
, York Rugby Club 
19 September 2007 

Attendees: Laura Brown, EVA, Debra Smart (DS) - YVA Treasurer, Ed Humphries - YVA Youth Development. 
Clubs - Barnsley, Boathouse, City of Hull, Hull University, Harrogate, Hawks, Leeds, Leeds Met-Uni, Moorlands Prison, Sheffield, York & York Phoenix. 

1. Apologies 
Diane Hollows, Referees Co-ordinator & Glenn Wraith - Ladies League Sec 

2. Minutes 
accepted as true record, AGM minutes awaited. 

It was agreed that a rota would be adopted, starting with York VC 
ACTION - Rota to be circulated (see below). 

Minutes Secretary Rota 

AGM 2008 
York Phoenix 
Pre-season 2008 
AGM 2009 
Pre-season 2009 
Leeds Met Uni 
AGM 2010 
Pre-season 2010 
City of Hull 
AGM 2011 
Hull Uni 
Pre-season 2011 
AGM 2012 
Pre-season 2012 
AGM 2013 

3. Club Development and Partnership Building - Laura Brown, EVA (l.brown@volleyballengland.org
Laura outlines the moves EVA had made to support YVA and Clubs in general 

Yorkshire has been agreed to be an action zone so greater support to be drawn down from EVA officers to support initiatives with some funding available to develop particular aspects - YVA Committee to inform EVA of needs. 
Club Mark (Volley 1, 2, 3) - see http://www.volleyballengland.org/Clubs/Volley_123_Accreditation/- club accreditation provided a framework for supporting clubs particularly those with juniors, funds available year on year when accreditation agreed. York VC is the only YVA club undertaking at present. More support for clubs without juniors would be available soon. 
Club membership of EVA brought access to e-newsletter and 3Touch magazine for all club members and other benefits. 

Suggestion that EVA should bring a stall to the Bridlington Beach Volleyball Tournament (July each year) to advertise benefits to clubs & individuals.ACTION EVA 

4. League Rules 
Accepted with two points of clarification. 

Rules 3.4 and 3.5 should be taken together so that only two players from a higher league could play in Divison 1 from what ever Club, players cannot play for two different clubs in the same League. 

Agreed later in meeting, amendment to: 6.3 To provide a qualified 1st referee who is registered with the EVA 

Thanks were given to all those who put in the hard work to agree the new rules, and to Doug Lawson for leading this process. 

5. YVA Finances 
These were good, with £1,234 in the general account and £3,203 in the junior development account. It was up to clubs to bid for funds that would be spent for the benefit of Yorkshire Volleyball. 

Clubs needing a specific invoice to facilitate payment were 
Leeds, Moorlands, & Menwith Hill - ACTION DS 

6. Registration cards
Process agreed as clear, some Ladies teams awaiting details. Best to register a full set before first game. 

7. League Programme Mens 
No major issues, minor issues already resolved. 
NB No Barnsley 3 team in Divison One

8. League Programme Ladies 
Clarified that no junior men can play in this league, Ladies can play in Division 1. 

Hull University contact is Yvonne Jackson - (Imfeelingtheflow@hotmail.com

NOTE for all leagues - York VC (Monday matches) & York Phoenix - the York College venue has changed to nearer York ring road on new site. 

9. YVA Coaching - Steve Matthews (SM). 
Level 1 Courses 
24 November and 1 December 2007, Sheffield Hallam University (Contact: Ryan Amos - tel: 0114 225 5765) 26 and 27 January 2008, University of Leeds (Contact: Paul Tilley - tel: 0113 343 8263) 

Level 2 Course 8, 15,16 December 2007, Sheffield Hallam University - (Contact: Ryan Amos - tel: 0114 225 5765) 

Leeds Met Uni have a new full time coach, Simon Loftus, who would most likely be able to help with courses. 

YVA looking to co-ordinate coaches and would look at refresher/development courses as well. 

10. YVA Youth Development - Ed Humphries (youth@yorkshirevolleyball.org) 
Keen to work with schools partnerships, and would run course on "Lets Play volleyball". Laura Brown clarified these could also accredit with EVA for £90 and receive coaching for teachers. 

Ed wanted players of any standard to take part in trials for U17 & U16 boys and U14 & U16 girls, sessions on 6/7 October and coaches to work with these age groups who would receive support. 

11. YVA Officials (DS for Diane Hollows) 
Need more registered not just qualified referees to share burden and be insured. DS & DH would support when trained. Players should follow EVA code of conduct so that new officials were confident to continue. Rule change agreed to support this, a number of clubs would register their referees at the start of the season, Laura Brown clarified club registration was moving to match the volleyball season not the financial year. 

12. YVA Website (http://www.yorkshirevolleyball.org) 
Soon to go live and would carry results and league tables on regular basis and previous League Tables. 

13. Tournaments 
There had not been opportunity to organise the pre-season tournament. It was hoped to run a post-season tournament in addition to the Trophy Tournament. To keep costs down a venue with 3 courts would be ideal and possibly sponsorship is needed. 
ACTION - Martin, City of Hull to provide venue details 
ACTION - All to provide sponsorship ideas. 

14. Cup Competition 
Ladies entries not decided. 

Mens Cup Draw (first round to be played by 16/12) 

Sheffield V Barnsley 1 
LMU V Phoenix Flyers (Hull) 
York Vikings V York 
City of Hull V Harrogate 
Hawks V St Marys (Hull) 
Leeds 2 V Boathouse 
Menwith Hill V Barnsley 2 
York Phoenix V Leeds 1 

15. Date & Venue of AGM 
4 June 2008 - Inn Keepers Lodge, Oulton - near M1/M62 Junction