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Exec 06-03-2008

Yorkshire Volleyball Association Committee Meeting 
7.30 pm Thursday 6th March 2008 
The Inn Keepers Lodge, Aberford Road, Oulton, Leeds LS26 8EJ 

Present - Mike Turner, Debra Smart, Diane Hollows, Doug Lawson, Steve Matthews 

1. Apologies 

Ed Humphries, Glenn Wraith

2. Minutes of last meeting on 19/9/07 accepted as a true record

3. Officer's Reports 

Update on activities and future plans

3.1 Chairman, Mike Turner.

3.1.1 Communication

Emphasised the importance of communication. Even in the absence of face to face meetings, it is important to keep one another informed of what was happening. Email is great for broadcasting information to many, although not great for actual discussions.

3.1.2 Volleyball England

Attended a regional chairman's meeting at the national office on 27/1/08. Will be going to a follow-up meeting on Saturday 8/3/08, to meet the new CEO, Lisa Wainwright.

3.1.3 Web site

The Yorkshire web site is up and running (www.yorkshirevolleyball.org).

Action - Circulate instructions to exec members on how to update and add pages (MT).

3.1.4 Regional Development Plan

To access further Volleyball England support and funding, we need to have a regional development plan. Volleyball England have provided a draft template, that we need to flesh out with details specific to the Yorkshire region. Suggested areas are: Club Development, Schools & Education, Talent Development, Competitions & Events, Coaching, Referees & Officiating, Volunteers, Communication & Promotion, Equity and Administration. Mike will contact the relevant YVA officers with a view to getting their input. May require another meeting, with hopefully Laura Brown of Volleyball England to get this moving.

3.2 Treasurer, Debra Smart

Some teams are still owing their league fees, but confident that all fees would be received. She hoped to be able to present more useful financial information at future meetings, thanks to a new computer and the wonder of spreadsheets.

Action - Generate end of year accounts (DS)

3.3 Youth Development Officer, Ed Humphries 

(Written report presented in his absence)

Progress has been slow and at times frustrating, but small things are starting to fall into place. It is going to take time for things to develop fully, there are signs that progress is being made.

3.3.1 Under 14s Regional Qualifying Event, Stokesley School

This event was successful with almost 50 players taking part, girls outnumbering boys by some margin. As a result, two girl's teams and 1 boy's team competed in the national finals in London over 1/2 March weekend. They performed well, despite being younger/less experienced than many of the other teams. Hopefully the success of this event can be built on for next year and we can attract teams from a wider range of schools.

3.3.2 Volleyball Development in Schools

Several VolleySport/MiniVolley courses have taken place. There seems to be a general interest in these courses from the School Sports Partnerships (SSP), although it take a rather long time from initial approach to the actual course. As interest grows, we need to support more people who are able to deliver these courses, particularly people who are available during school time. Thanks to Steve Matthews who is now qualified and has run the courses.

It appears that the schools where volleyball is being played, it is due to teachers who play or have played volleyball. My intention is to encourage these teachers to get other members of staff involved, to create a sustainable program.

3.3.4 Equipment Purchases

The 15 balls that were bought for the St Marys SSP (Hull) are in daily use and interest amongst the children is growing, to the extent that they are looking to start an after school club. I would like to support other school partnerships in this way, after completing the VolleySport/MiniVolley courses, as this seems to be having positive effects.

A second set of balls were purchased and have been used by Steve Matthews at VolleySport courses and at the Regional Talent Development sessions. These are available for any youth-related activity.

3.3.5 Regional Talent Development Program (RTDP)

The session before Christmas had very disappointing attendance.However the session in February produced 11 new girls, identified from the under 14 event. The boys side is still disappointing numbers-wise but I am confident this will increase for the next session and in time for the Inter-Regionals. I am aware of several players around the region of suitable age and ability.

Coaches and Team Managers for the squads still need to be pinned down, although I have had a couple of offers of help. It appears that the current registered coaches are not interested in coaching the regional youth squads. I suggest more work needs to be done to promote these roles and the Volleyball England coach scholarship incentives that will go with them.

Training for the 3 sessions during the 2nd half of the season will be held at Leeds Met University. Although this is a reasonably expensive venue, I think it has been useful to have training at a central location and we should get at least a portion of this money back from Volleyball England. As squads develop we should be able to get away from the need for training at the same place at the same time and so don't necessarily need a venue with 2 courts. This will make our options a lot more flexible for next year and hopefully can reduce the expenditure by a fair amount.

3.3.6 Lets Play Volleyball Festival

The proposed date, 5 July, clashes with the Bridlington Beach tournament, so the festival will have to be changed Steve Matthews has sounded out Harrogate council and we could use The Stray in Harrogate. Age groups need to be decided and a number of volunteers recruited. There should be money from Volleyball England to help finance this event.

3.3.7 Volleyball England Grant Aid

There is the possibility of £480 grant for youth development that is not associated with the RTDP. I suggest 2 options:

a) Purchase balls to be given to schools like Stokesley and Featherstone, who have very determined teachers promoting volleyball and have been hugely influential in getting the Yorkshire program running. YVA should not take their enthusiasm for granted and we should support these individuals where we can.

b) To help fund a number of 1 day events (see below)

3.3.8 One Day Event (Hull)

Currently in the planning stage, the event is designed to encourage child participation in schools and to give teachers active experience in coaching volleyball. If this format is a success, we should aim to repeat this in various place across the region.

3.3.9 Yorkshire Clubs

One of the major disappointments has been the apparent lack of club interest with regard to youth development. I have had very little positive response from the clubs. YVA need to look at ways to encourage clubs to get active on the youth front, with the aim of each club having a youth section/teams. There are a number of clubs that train/play at school facilities and they should be developing strong links with these schools, even if in the first instance it is just getting the PE teachers involved.

3.3.10 Child Protection

Reminder that anyone in volleyball involved with under 18s need to have a Volleyball England Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. The CRB check is not transferable from other sources (e.g. schools).

3.4 Coaching Administrator, Steve Matthews

Steve is now a Candidate Staff Tutor and is qualified and keen to run Certificate Tutoring Sport (CTS) courses These include VolleySport (Key Stage 2, 11/12 year old) and MiniVolley (Key Stage 3, 13/14 year old). He has run a VolleySport course in Malton in February and has another one in Catterick on 7/3/08. There has been two Level 1 (Leeds and Sheffield) and one Level 2 (Sheffield) coaching courses.

He will be attending a Coaches Commission meeting on Saturday 8/3/08 at the Volleyball England national office, which should clarify the regional coaching administrator role.

WIth the BVF programs being based in Sheffield, we now have opportunities to learn from some very experienced coaches (GB Women, Lorne Sawula. GB Men, Harry Brokking). Steve has already spoken to Lorne, who had expressed interest in coach development. If we can organise events such as the One Day Events (above) then he will be happy to send GB players to support it.

3.5 Men's League Secretary, Doug Lawson

The men's leagues are running smoothly under the new rules. Up to date league tables are available online (using the Volleyball England fixtures engine), linked from the Yorkshire web site. Promotion into and relegation from the Men's Premier League was discussed. Possible improvements in the area of player registration were discussed.

The Yorkshire Cup and Plate Finals were an excellent conclusion to both competitions. Thanks to all concerned for making it such a good event.

End of season tournament, 11 May 2008, Gemtec Arena, Hull

Teams will be contacted for possible rule changes, to be distributed before the AGM. League entry forms for next season should be returned by the AGM.

League winners (men and women) will be invited to participate in the Regional Champions Trophy, a 1 day competition, in Kettering on 17 May (part of the Volleyball England Big Bash meeting/Annual Dinner/coaches conference/refs conference).

3.6 Ladies League Secretary, Glenn Wraith 

(Written report presented in his absence)

The league finishing date has been extended to the end of April to accommodate the extra matches resulting from the late entry of Leeds Met University. The league has been very competitive with all teams evenly matched.

3.7 Officials Secretary, Diane Hollows

The Grade 4 Refs course in Barnsley, organised by Doug Lawson (Nov 07) ran successfully. Diane is keen to run more courses and follow-up referees clinics. But in order to run a course, a local organiser is the key person. She will follow up with Dave Gamble about a possible course at York College.

3.8 Area Reports - Hull & E Yorks

Not present. Initial contact initiated with HEYVA, but no reply as yet. Diane Hollows will try to establish contact details, as she had been invited to referee at their Cup Finals on Sunday 9/3/08.

4. Date of next meeting

The next official YVA meeting is scheduled to be the AGM on Wednesday 4 June 2008 at the Inn Keepers Lodge, Oulton. Communication by email is encouraged to keep the important information flowing.

Meeting closed at 23.00