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Exec 06-05-2008

YVA Executive Meeting - 7.30 pm Tuesday 6 May 2008 
The InnKeepers Lodge, 
 Oulton LS26 8EJ

 - Mike Turner, Debra Smart, Diane Hollows, Doug Lawson, Steve Matthews, Laura Brown (Volleyball England), Tim Godson (York VC) 

1. Apologies 
Glenn Wraith

2. Minutes of last meeting 
Accepted as a true record.

3. Officers Reports 3.1 Chairman - Mike Turner
3.1.1 Communication has improved - decisions made over NVL applications, Regional Grass Series event and chasing outstanding fees. Still room for improvement. When sending out information about YVA activities, make sure you include the relevant YVA exec members. 
3.1.2 Website - Login information to go out soon 
3.1.3 Volleyball England Regional Meeting Saturday 17 May 2008, Kettering Conference Centre. Part of the Volleyball England Big Bash weekend - Regional Champions Trophy, Annual Dinner, Volunteer Workshop, Coaches Conference & Referees Conference. See Volleyball England web site. 
3.1.4 European Championships - Thursday 8 May, EIS, Sheffield. Women 5pm. Men 8 pm.
3.2 Treasurer - Debra Smart 

3.3 Youth Development Officer - Ed Humphries

3.4 Regional Coaching Administrator - Steve Matthews

3.5 Referees - Diane Hollows
There will be a big challenge next season with 4 new NVL teams needing referees for their matches. Diane is keen to run more referees courses and follow-up clinics. But in order to run a course, a local organiser is the key person.  

3.6 Men's Fixtures - Doug Lawson 

3.7 Women's Fixtures - Glenn Wraith
Congratulations to York VC firstly on becoming our champion team. Although the league table may show otherwise, the league is very competitive with little difference in standard between all the teams.
The usual frustrations are poorly completed scoresheets, in some cases if I didnt know who played at what venue I would have no idea who the home team were (tricky in the case of Leeds VC v LMU) and scoresheets not sent in on time.The On-line league table is a real winner and has helped me no end, feedback from the clubs is also positive. 

In terms of next season, I think i/we just need to tighten up roles of various officials particularly around ensuring league fees are collected. 

On a personal note, and I guess this is really one for the AGM, I am happy to continue in post unless someone expresses a desire to give the job a go. I've admitted before and I will do again, that I do not really have the time to perform the role fully and any individual who does would have my full support. But saying that I will continue giving what I can and should I still be in post, think there are a few areas I need to tighten up and add to for next season.

4. Yorkshire Development Plan  

5. YVA Roles & Responsibilities

6. AGM Planning
Volunteer retention and recruitment. Need to always be on the look out to recruit new blood for YVA, even if new, inexperienced, but willing people. Hopefully we can coach them into the new roles (Div 1 League Secretary, YVA Secretary, Asst Youth Dev Officer?)

7. Lets Play Volleyball Festival - Sunday 13 July 2008, York College 

8. A.O.B.
Next meeting, AGM, 4 June 2008, at The Inn Keepers Lodge, Oulton. 

Mike Turner - YVA Chairman 

The end of the season has been a little frustrating in terms of getting all clubs to complete  fixtures and to be honest there have a been a few too many defaulted games for my liking. Collectively the teams need to get organised a little earlier in the season, not enough games were completed before xmas , leading to a fixture "pile-up" towards the end of the season. Saying that the late entry of LMU into the league did contribute to this, and if I've learned one lesson this year, it is not to be so lenient again !