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Rules Sub-Committee 05-05-2010

YVA Rules Sub Committee 

Wednesday 5th May 2010 at 7.30 pm

Holiday Inn Express, Aberford Road, Oulton, Leeds LS26 8EJ (formerly the Inn Keepers Lodge)


1)    New Structure for the Cup Competition


2)    Review of League Fees, Cup Fees & Goodwill Bonds


3)    Review of timescales and protocols regarding organising, confirming and ultimately cancelling matches


4)    Review of sanction system


5)    Improved Registration Card system


6)    Clubs should agree to uphold the rules and referees should take more responsibility for ensuring match protocols are accurately observed


7)    Review of the eligibility of NVL players


8)    Ensure effective coordination between the Area associations and the Region


9)   Regional Champion's Trophy Representation - What if a team also wins another Region's league?


10)  Ensure that all teams in our Region, including the Area League teams, are Volleyball England affiliated


11)  Should we have an MVP competition?  


12)  Check the wording of all rules for accuracy and ambiguity


NB This is not a compulsory meeting


But, if you would like to have your views heard, send along a representative from your team. The aim of the meeting is to prepare some necessary rule changes to be presented to the YVA AGM in June.

It has been a difficult season for us and the rules circa 2007 have been seriously tested. It is only when rules are tested that we can find out if they are any good. We are happy with  the majority of the rules as they stand but some need a little fine tuning to make them more relevant and need modifying slightly to make our application of the rules simpler and our lives a little easier. 

Items not included on the agenda will not be discussed at the meeting. 

Doug Lawson & Glenn Wraith, YVA League Secretaries