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YVA AGM 04-06-2008

Yorkshire Volleyball Association AGM Minutes 
7.30 pm Wednesday 4 June 2008, 
The InnKeepers Lodge, Oulton LS26 8EJ 


23 present - Mike Turner (Chairman), Doug Lawson (Men's League Secretary), Glenn Wraith (Women's League Secretary), Diane Hollows (Referees Coordinator), Ed Humphries (Youth Development Officer), Yvonne Jackson (Hull Uni), Tim Godson (York VC), Daniel Harrison (Hull & East Yorkshire Volleyball Association), Martin Worsnop (City of Hull), Ian Twitchen (Menwith Hill), Oli Gregory (Leeds VC), Clare Brewster (Boathouse Women), Sam Wallace (Boathouse Women), Simon Bailey (Boathouse Men), Colin Elsey (Hawks VC), Steve McKeown (Staff Coach), Richard Harrison (President Coaches Commission), Lisa Wainwright (Volleyball England), Craig Handford (Volleyball England). All clubs represented, except Leeds Metropolitan University

1. Apologies 
Debra Smart (Treasurer), Steve Matthews (Coaching Admin) 
2. Minutes of last Meetings 
Agreed to be a true record. 

3. Officer's Reports 
3.1 Chairman - Mike Turner

Thanks to everyone for attending. I know that being a team's representative can be a thankless task. I hope we can keep the meeting tonight short and painless. I want everyone to keep a high level of enthusiasm for volleyball, whether it be playing, coaching, refereeing and even attending meeting! It is through local volleyball clubs that development actually happens, not by sitting at committee meetings. The clubs are essential to the health of our sport and to supplying the volleyball players (and administrators) of the future. I would suggest that all clubs look carefully at the club development opportunities being offered by Volleyball England, through the Volley 123 program. Yorkshire is falling behind other regions in the take up of these benefits and may suffer as future programs may only be available to accredited clubs.

A particular thanks to the members of the YVA executive, who have volunteered their time and efforts on top of whatever other volleyball commitments they already had. I think it has been a challenging year, but as a region we have emerged stronger, ready to rise to future challenges.

One of these challenges is the next Volleyball England Forward Plan. I have attended 2 Regional Chairman's meetings at Volleyball England and these meetings are being used to gauge opinion in the regions. You should all hear about the forthcoming Volleyball England Forward Plan 2009-13 and have an opportunity to contribute to it.

I'll shut up now and leave it to the various committee members to present their reports. I hope that I will see you all at various tournaments and events happening this summer. Details of summer tournaments and the CEV Euro League event in Sheffield are on the YVA web site. It is good to see that players from this region are in the GB team for the event.

The Chair welcomed the Chief Exec Lisa Wainwright and Craig Handford, of Volleyball England to the meeting.

3.2 Treasurer - Debra Smart 
The treasurer has sent apologies and the finance report would be taken at the next Executive Meeting

ACTION Treasurer

3.3 Youth Development Officer - Ed Humphries

Frustratingly slow progress, needed to work more with Clubs/YVA and Volleyball England. More clubs were becoming involved and needed more contacts to take forward development plans from VE. It was hoped to make better contact with schools and their Partnership Officers.

Regional Youth squads had been developed and U16 Girls had been 6th overall nationally. There will be a Lets Play Volleyball Festival in York on 13 July with a range of age groups, further info from YVA website.

3.4 Regional Coaching Administrator - Steve Matthews 
I would like to say how much I have actually enjoyed my first year as Regional Coaching Administrator for Yorkshire Volleyball. I took the role on last year with some trepidation and really a feeling of "into the unknown", but looking at it as an opportunity to become involved in an area which is currently undergoing massive change and distinct improvement in the development and professional approach needed to take us into 2012 and beyond.

Although somewhat frustrated initially I have had the help and support of the executive committee and also Volleyball England in trying to develop the coaching "base" within the area. We have had a particularly good turnout at courses over the last 12 months, including Volleysport and Level 1 and 2. However there is still a poor ratio of registrations and coaching from these courses, which is one of the key areas I would like to see addressed over the coming 12 months. One of the Key Performance set out by Volleyball England is the growth target for coaches and financial backing is dependent on our ability to meet the KPI set out.

To give an overall example of this the following figures from April this year showed:

1227 registered coaches - this seems to be a healthy number but… 838 of those are newly qualified coaches (NQCs) with first year free registration (68% of our registered coaches) and 391 registered coaches who are not NQCs (80% are qualified at Level 1) is no driving force for growth and development particularly as this averages out at 43 registered coaches per region.

There is currently a new coaching structure that is awaiting ratification for an introduction into the system in Early 2009. This will bring the coaching qualifications into alignment with many of the UKCC based awards, and with this a more "professional" approach. It will also allow a "horizontal" structure to involve other areas of the game such as sitting and beach volleyball, both of which are key elements for the future.

As far as I am personally concerned, if I am given the opportunity to continue this role for the next 12 months there are several areas I would like to improve and address. The main one of these is the actual coach activity across the WHOLE REGION. I have prepared a questionnaire which I would like as many clubs and teams to fill in and return to me. In this I have given the opportunity to find out the following:

  • Who is active as a coach in the region?
  • Who is registered as a coach?
  • Who would like to further their coaching awards?
  • What teams and clubs would like in terms of workshops, clinics etc?

I am keen to try and pull in the links between the coaches in our region and the Coaches Commission to ensure that, as was stated last year by Richard Harrison, we as a region meet the requirements set out by the Action Plan. If we do not do this, we risk the danger of being "left out of the loop", which none of us really want. In return I am confident we can have a great season and with a little bit of effort from all concerned continue the momentum that is needed to keep Yorkshire as a development region. We have a fantastic base of experienced coaches in the region, as well as the opportunities offered by the GB men's and women's squads training regularly at the EIS in Sheffield.

In summary I would also like to thank the efforts of Ed Humphries for all his hard work on the Junior development this year - a lot of the time undertaken with very little support (Again one area that needs addressing). I would also like to thank the exec committee for supporting me in my first year and giving great feedback and support when it has been needed.

Please take the opportunity to take part in the survey - it is important to all of us!

I would be happy to continue this role for 2008/09 should the opportunity allow it and would welcome the support of all the teams present this evening.

The clubs agreed to circulation of the questionnaire

ACTION Steve Mathews

There was also interest in running courses on coaching beech volleyball and training more Volley Sport coaches across the region, Steve Mathews would need to look into the former and could now organise the latter.

ACTION Steve Mathews

There needed to be more staff coaches in the region who were active in developing courses and improved liaison and development of coaches, utilising the presence of the GB coaches in the region.

It was raised that Level 2 was difficult to reach in the absence of UK Sports Coach Prevention and treatment of injuries. Richard Harrison had looked into this to no avail, he suggested coaches in this position attended similar courses and sent evidence to him.

3.5 Referees - Diane Hollows

Diane welcomed the introduction of compulsory registered referees for all League games which had increased the numbers of referees in the region who were trained and registered but more were needed. Further training sessions would be needed before the coming season, particularly with the increasing number of National League teams in the region, now at 13. These really needed to be two day courses if at all possible. Clubs indicated that they needed courses before the season started. Diane was also to organise a Grade 4 referees clinic to develop skills, but needed a volunteer to help organise this.

ACTION - Volunteers to Diane Hollows to help organise referees coaching courses.

Diane also asked players to support new referees and not destroy their confidence in games, it was important that we continued to develop referees. With the build up towards London 2012 then trained and capable line judges and scorers would also be needed.

There were opportunities to go to GB squad sessions at Sheffield and talk to coaches and players and referee sessions for practice.

3.6 Men's Fixtures - Doug Lawson 
It had been a very successful season, with games completed on time and clubs co-operating with regular reporting of results by e-mail and results sheets. The use of the Volleyball England website to host results and League tables had led to greater interest over the season. It had been a very competitive Premier League with champions and bottom teams not decided until the final game. The cup had been enjoyed by all and there had been two excellent finals. The tournament had been very enjoyable but had less teams than originally hoped for, the play-offs had variable take up but there had been an excellent 5-set final.

Thanks went to the venues for the various events, particularly Leeds Met Uni for use of their full court. Further such venues would be welcome across the region.

Men's Premier LeagueHawksSheffield
Yorkshire Division 1Leeds Met UniHarrogate
Yorkshire CupLeeds Met UniHawks
Yorkshire ShieldYork PhoenixHarrogate
Premier League Play-OffSheffieldYork

Hawks represented the region well in the Volleyball England Champions Trophy competition in Kettering

For full details of competitions run throughout the year, see the Yorkshire Volleyball web site www.yorkshirevolleyball.org

The AGM thanked Doug for his excellent work in running the range of competitions over the year.

3.7 Women's Fixtures - Glenn Wraith 
Congratulations to York VC firstly on becoming our champion team and Hull University as runners-up Although the league table may show otherwise, the league is very competitive with little difference in standard between all the teams. York also did well and enjoyed playing in the Volleyball England Champions Trophy competition in Kettering. 

The end of the season has been a little frustrating in terms of getting all clubs to complete fixtures and to be honest there have a been a few too many defaulted games for my liking. Collectively the teams need to get organised a little earlier in the season, not enough games were completed before xmas, leading to a fixture "pile-up" towards the end of the season. Saying that the late entry of LMU into the league did contribute to this, and if I've learned one lesson this year, it is not to be so lenient again!

The usual frustrations are poorly completed scoresheets, in some cases if I didnt know who played at what venue I would have no idea who the home team were (tricky in the case of Leeds VC v LMU) and scoresheets not sent in on time. The On-line league table is a real winner and has helped me no end, feedback from the clubs is also positive. In terms of next season, I think I/we just need to tighten up roles of various officials particularly around ensuring league fees are collected.

3.8 Area Reports - Hull & East Yorkshire (Daniel Harrison) 

The area was active with 12 teams, three Panel referees, and greater contact being made with adjoining areas, in Goole, Scunthorpe and Scarborough. Better links with schools were being developed and an annual referees course was run.

4. Election of Officers 
4.1 Chairman - Mike Turner 
4.2 Vice Chair - Dan Harrison 
4.3 Secretary - Doug Lawson 
4.4 Treasurer - Debra Smart 
4.5 Youth Development Officer - Ed Humphries 
4.6 Asst. Youth Development Officer - Yvonne Jackson 

4.7 Regional Coaching Administrator - Steve Matthews 
4.8 Referees Officer - Diane Hollows 
4.9 Men's Fixtures Secretary - Doug Lawson 
4.10 Women's Fixtures Secretary - Glenn Wraith 
4.11 Minutes Secretary - Tim Godson 

5. YVA Leagues 2008-9 
5.1 League Rules 
Rule 13.4 was expanded so it can be applied to other minor infringements which are not directly specified. 
The Fixtures secretary commented that player registration cards had been in place in the previous season but there was not consistent use of them for matches. In season 2008-9 there would be more enforcement of existing rules on registration of players and production of cards at matches. 
5.2 League Fees 
Remain the same. League Entry fee £50, Goodwill Bond £30) 
5.3 Men's Premier League 2008-9 
Leeds 2 and York 2 finished in the 2 relegation spots. Leed Met Uni, the first placed team are promoted from Yorkshire Division 1. The HEYVA League winners, City of Hull already has a Premier League place and did not wish to enter a further team. This leaves only 9 teams. Exceptionally it was agreed to allow the second placed teams from each league to play-off for the remaining place i.e Harrogate vs St Marys Warriors, who both have expressed a desire to play in the Premier League.

However, it was reported that City of Hull Volleyball Club had been disbanded at its AGM. If this were the case then there would be space for both teams. After debate it was agreed that further clarification should be sought from the City of Hull club. If the club has been disbanded, it would forfeit its place in the Premier League.

ACTION Executive Committee to resolve issue of promotion to Mens Premier League

6. A.O.B.

Craig Handford congratulated the Yorkshire Association Officers and the constituent clubs for the quality of their work in the last year and going forward, there was a real buzz about volleyball in the region which had not been the case going back a few years.

7. Date of Next Meeting

Compulsory League Meeting - Wednesday 17 September 7.30pm, Inn keepers Lodge, Oulton, Leeds LS26 8EJ