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YVA AGM 07-06-2011

Yorkshire Volleyball Association AGM Minutes  

Tuesday 7.30 pm 7 June 2011, Holiday Inn Express, Oulton 


21 present - All Premier League clubs represented.


1. Apologies

Glenn Wraith - Ladies League Secretary, Steve Byrne – Referees Administrator, Clare Brewster - Boathouse, Mo Bucksun and Martin Lindsey - Volleyball England


2. Minutes of last Meeting

Accepted as true record. All actions to be dealt with in the agenda


3. Officer's Reports (full reports below meeting minutes)


3.1 Chairman - Mike Turner (MT)

Report attached

3.2 Secretary Tim Godson (TG)

Report attached.


3.2 Treasurer - Debra Smart (DS)

The treasurer update on the finances of the Association as at 1st April – there was £1,600 in the main account and £7,000 in the junior account. However, there were a number of outstanding receipts and claims typo be made on both accounts. In particular no invoice had been received from Leeds University for the Regional Talent Development Programme.


The deposit account containing bonds stood at £780 but there had been little activity on this in recent years.


The Treasurer stood down at the meeting and the Chair thanked her for many years service to the Association as Treasurer and on the Executive Committee.


3.3 Youth Development Officer – Dave Roberts (DR)

Report attached

3.4 Regional Coaching Administrator - Steve Matthews (SM)

Report Attached. A number of Level 1 and a Level 2 course were held over the year and were well attended, however, the number of coaches registering after the course was not high. Volleyball England are to introduce a minimum standard for caching of teams and Clubs may need more level 2 coaches as this was seen as the minimum to lead a coaching session, despite Level 1 now being a 3 day course.


The cost and length of courses meant that many were filled with subsidised students and did not filter into the Association’s Clubs. Discussion took place about the availability of lower level courses that meant that coaches could deal with younger players – such as Primary School.  


ACTION SM to circulate a guide to the various levels of coaching course that were available and what level of coaching they supported


3.5 Referees – Steve Byrne (SB)

Report attached. A concern was raised over the number of referees available at Premier League and particularly NVL level. This would be made worse if no new referees were trained. The 2010/11 season course was cancelled due to lack of numbers – this was because enough attendees were needed to cover venue and other costs. The courses were now nationally run by VE. The meeting agreed that YVA would subsidise a future course to ensure that costs were covered and it was less expensive for delegates.

ACTION SB to contact Volleyball England top ensure that a course was run in the YVA area with subsidy for attendees from the YVA area.


3.6 Men's Fixtures - Doug Lawson (DL)

Unfortunately 5 games were defaulted, but most score sheets were submitted in good time. The split was completed well but there were problems with putting the League on the website afterwards A different system will be used next year. Apologies for slow return of registration sheets - systems will be improved in the second year.


Discussion took place of the ease of finding League tables on the Volleyball England website. It was pointed out that the best source of information is the YV Associations site.


ACTION: All clubs and Association Officers to regular update and make use of the YVA website





Men’s Premier League



Yorkshire Cup



Yorkshire Plate



Yorkshire Shield

Wakefield Polonia

Sheffield 2


3.7  Women's Fixtures - Glenn Wraith (GW)

The season passed off with out much in the way of incident at all. GW was disappointed with the overall number of teams in the league and hoped that this trend would not continue into the forthcoming season. There were a number of "nearly" teams who almost made the league but weren't quite ready. It would be good if teams like Wakefield Polonia and others joined a very exciting league. GW would be interested to know if there are teams in Hull and East Yorks.


On playing side, congratulations to Barnsley on their very first league title and a league and cup double. They came a very creditable 3rd in the Regional Champions trophy held in Kettering.


Harrogate beat York in the Ladies Shield. The league table is still to be updated. Despite there being a clear league winner , the table doesn't do justice to the competitive nature of all of the games and thanks and congratulations to all teams for what has been a very good advert for volleyball in Yorkshire. It can only get better with more teams involved next time round.


3.8 Area Reports

Hull & East Yorkshire – Patrick Sprakes – see attached

South Yorkshire – Doug Lawson – South Yorkshire League continued with Worksop being the Winners, Sheffield 2nd and Chesterfield 3rd.

West Yorkshire – Oli Gregory – see attached


4. Election of Officers

The following officers were elected at the AGM -

4.1 Chairman - Mike Turner

4.2 Vice Chair – Patrick Sprakes/Oli Gregory

4.3 Secretary – Tim Godson

4.4 Treasurer – Mo Bucksun

4.5 Youth Development Officer – Dave Roberts

4.6 Regional Coaching Administrator - Steve Matthews

4.7 Referees Officer – Steve Byrne

4.8 Men's League Fixtures Secretary - Doug Lawson

4.9 Women's League Fixtures Secretary - Glenn Wraith


5. YVA Leagues 09-10

Changes to the League rules were raised, whilst normal protocol was that these were discussed before the AGM as it may affect teams decisions on entry for the following season. After debate it was agreed that –

ACTION League Secretaries to convene a League Rules Sub Committee to which all League Clubs would be entitled to send a member, the outcome of the agreed changes would be ratified by the Executive Committee. (Post meeting note – Held on 6th July)


League Fees – It was agreed that fees would remain at League Entry fee (to include Cups) £60, Goodwill Bond £70, Cup only fee £25.


6. A.O.B.


7. Date of Next Meeting

Compulsory League Meeting – Wednesday 7th September 7.30pm, venue TBC


Officer’s Reports



Thanks to everyone for attending. I know that being a team rep can be a thankless task. It is through local volleyball clubs that development actually happens, not by sitting in committee meetings. The clubs are essential to the health of our sport and supplying the volleyball players (and administrators) of the future. 

I am pleased to welcome Martin Lindsey, Head of Operations at the Volleyball England national office. But, I also want to remind you that we are all part of Volleyball England. It is not just the paid, professional staff, there are a vast number of volunteers, including yourselves, who all make up Volleyball England. 


As the Yorkshire Chairman I have represented the region:

- at the Volleyball England Regional Commission meetings - Aug 10 (Loughborough), Feb 11 (Loughborough), April 11 (Kettering) 

- at the Volleyball England AGM in Bath.

- in dealings with Volleyball England staff & other volunteers. 


Looking Forwards

·      The latest copy of the 3Touch magazine has an update on the Volleyball England Strategic Plan 2009-13. There are a number of changes to meet agreed targets. Definitely worth reading to find out where we are heading.

·      London 2012. The games are rapidly approaching! It is pleasing to see that 2 former Premier League players, Ben Pipes and Kieran O'Malley, are both important parts of the GB Men's squad. I hope you will support the GB teams where you can, including their Euro League matches vs Slovenia, at Ponds Forge this Friday and Saturday.

·      Regional Development Event, Saturday 11 June 2011, at Ponds Forge. How do we want volleyball to develop in Yorkshire? This event will kick off the process to come up with a Yorkshire Development Plan.  Attendees get a free ticket for the GB match! If you aren't able to attend, please fill in the online survey to pass on your views.

I don't want to single out any individuals, or steal the thunder from any of the other committee members. But, i would like to thank all Yorkshire Committee members, area association and club volunteers for their time and expertise.


I  hope to see you soon on a volleyball court, on a sports field, on a beach or in a sports hall.




My main job has been to pass on information from Volleyball England and other sources to the Associations teams and help provide contacts for others such as referees and coaches.


There was the normal role of nominating tournaments for VE support – but due to a late change the normal Volleyfest has been replaced by ‘Go Spike’ with the emphasis on getting more adults to try the sport and not necessarily at volleyball events.


I am involved with a Yorkshire Group planning for the Olympics in my job.   I have written some notes on how volleyball clubs can gain as much advantage as possible from volleyball being part of the games which I will circulate.






The following referees where upgraded at the Student Cup in Leeds in November 2010: Simon Bailey, Roger Kittle, Hayley Waldridge, David Lamb & Mark Graham who also won the Volleyball England Young Officials Award.

Roger Kittle on the NVL Panel.

The Yorkshire Volleyball Finals were refereed by qualified referees.



We have been unable to run a referee course this year, despite the efforts of Harrogate Volleyball Club and myself.



We hope to run a referee course next season. Volleyball England will now be organising all referees courses centrally. We will be looking to run a referee clinic and if clubs wish it we will run a Scorers Award before the start of the season.



Lack of Yorkshire referees on the NVL Panel. This led too many NVL matches (non Super 8/Division 1) not having 2 referees allocated when the fixtures where published. In some cases referees coming from Manchester to referee games. Is there enough interest in refereeing at NVL level, in the Yorkshire Region?

Length of Grade 4 course (2 Days). BUCS one day.

Congested VE Calendar. Also increased BUCS competition = More referees required in a congested calendar.





Regional talent programme – inter regional competition

Coming into post 6 months into an 8 month programme so most of the structure was in place, training venue, competition date etc.


We finished as follows

U14 girls 9th

U15 boys 3rd

U16 girls 3rd

U17 boys 6th


VE have cut the funding that we previously received so we are currently seeking ways in which to become more self sufficient and build a sustainable programme for years to come. Yo Volleyball is to be run on the 4th of June so it will be interesting to see what other junior activity we have going on in the region.


Plans are current be put in place to recruit new 'Team Yorkshire' Coaching and support staff seeking the best for our athletes.


I have provisional dates for a Summer Junior and senior beach volleyball league once this is all confirm I shall send you all the details.



Regional Coaching Administrators Report (Steve Matthews)


·      We are constantly being analysed as a region to the ratio of courses and candidates year on year. Having had a check with Volleyball England for the previous 12 months the figures for the level 1 and 2 courses were as follows:

·      Level 1 – 62 candidates attending courses at : Leeds Carnegie, Sheffield Hallam, Whitby and Hull

·      Level 2 – 8 Candidates attending the course at Barnsley (5 from Yorkshire Region) – This was particularly pleasing as it was the first Level 2 course outside of Sheffield for some considerable time.

·      There was also a level 3 course held centrally in Kettering with participants from Yorkshire.

I would encourage anyone who is considering doing a level 2 course to get the qualification before the UKCC course is introduced it is far better value for money and will be a little more relevant to game play volleyball.

High Points

·      Finally running a level 2 Coaches course (all be it with reduced numbers)

·      The appointment of Dave Roberts as England cadet coach (and UKSG Regional boys Coach)

·      The strength of the performance coaches once again in the region next season we have National league representation in every National league with only 1 exception ( Women’s div 2)

Low Points

·      No Community Development Coach (and no sign of one due to cost cutting)

·      Poor response from the Change 4 life schools in regards to coaching internally

·      Ratio of coaches that continue with registration after 1st year is poor. We have one of the lowest registered club v coach levels in any of the regions

Aims for the year

·      Arrange a further Level 2 coaches course for prior to the start of the season 2011/12

·      Organise workshops on specific technical areas such as statistics etc

·      Look to arrange a coach workshop concentrating of certain game elements open to ALL

·      I will also like to try and keep the region as informed as possible on all coaching stories leading up to London 2012.

H&EYVA Report for the Yorkshire Volleyball Association AGM – Tuesday 7 June 2011

Big changes to the committee at H&EYVA at our recent AGM mean that we have a relatively inexperienced and young committee for the coming 2011/12 season. However, many roles have been split into smaller chunks to hopefully allow people to focus fully on their tasks and help H&EYVA function as successfully as it has in the past.  It is hoped to persuade more teams and people to take an active role in the Committee in the future.


The out-going Association Chair spoke of the need more for coaches, referees, administrators and perhaps a coaching co-ordinator to move H&EYVA forward. Reading ‘3 Touch’ recently, this seems to be a theme followed by many associations UK wide, but something we do need to be continually looking at.


The chairperson praised Baysgarth School and Barton Blockers VC (one of H&EYVA’s newer clubs) in that they have now got over 30 youngsters playing from a relatively small town, and at least 10 of which are now qualified level 1 coaches. They also entered the junior nationals where the U18 girls’ team in particular did extremely well in their first season, reaching the last 16 and were narrowly beaten by last year’s champions Ashcombe Dorking in London. Barton Blockers also managed to secure a Sport England Funding bid which has helped with many running and setup costs, and have offered to assist any similar clubs in doing the same.


Both Barton and South Holderness along with many other local schools took part in the ‘Change for Life’ Volleyball scheme, which we feel has been successful in attracting further numbers to our sport. H&EYVA teams are competing in regional junior events this season, for the first time in a while, with a few teams entered in Saturday’s YVA event at Leeds.


Hull VC had one U18 male training with the GB cadet side in 2010/11, and it was good see the local media giving this some positive attention also.


Barton Blockers in partnership with their link school will be holding a junior tournament for schools/clubs in the region on Thursday 23rd June.


A new H&EYVA website will be launched in the coming months, the new logo from which can be seen in this letterhead. The website will cut down printing costs substantially, and will have an automated results and league table, in that when entering a result, it is verified to be correct by the fixture secretary, who ticks a box, which automatically updates the league table. This is one of a few new features.


The league and cup secretary spoke of a successful league campaign in which Everthorpe Phoenix VC were the eventual champions in a close battle between the top 4 sides this season, in a very competitive league. Phoenix with support from other clubs eventually decided to hope for a place in the Yorkshire Premier League next season if possible, appreciating that this was a late request made by the new committee who weren’t aware of the procedures. Beverley continue to fly the H&EYVA flag in the Yorkshire Premier League, and the new committee hopes that perhaps there may be scope for a Ladies team in the 2012/13 season.


This seasons league cup saw a few upsets along the way, but Beverley were too strong for Hull University in the final eventually winning in straight sets.


Martin Worsnop again ran a successful summer league, which has just started up again this year, with many new ‘Change for Life’ Volleyballers involved, as well as seasoned campaigners.


Martin also organised the Jubilee Cup again this year at the Bonus Arena in Hull, in which many teams from around the region competed, eventually in three pools. Many commented on a thoroughly enjoyable day, with much quality Volleyball played.


The future for H&EYVA looks bright still. All on the committee are keen and want to see Volleyball development shoot through the roof in what will be our Olympic season. It’s important that we work more closely with school partnerships and community coaches to ensure that the right places are being targeted for Volleyball development, and that our association is fast to ensure that any coaching and development opportunities are taken up, and again aimed at the right people. Progress in our relatively small association is slow but any progress that has been made has been effective, and given us roots for future development.


The new committee is keen to take any advice offered from our partner YVA associations, and hopes that advice will be forthcoming over the coming months.


Yours in sport,

Patrick Sprakes

Chairman, Hull & East Yorkshire Volleyball Association


WYVA Report for the Yorkshire Volleyball Association AGM – Tuesday 7 June 2011

An excellent year for the WYVA with increased participation and increased standard of volleyball within the association.


Men’s league entries were as follows; Boathouse, Leeds Garforth, Huddersfield University, Indian Panthers (new team), Menwith Hill, Wakefield Polonia 2 and York Crusaders.


The standard of volleyball was excellent for only the leagues 2nd season, Huddersfield University were crowned the eventual league champions in a close battle with Menwith Hill.


Introduction of a women’s league this year, only three teams entered, but was a good level of competition for those involved. Women’s league entries were as follows; Leeds Garforth, Harrogate 2 and York Zumbas. The York Zumbas were the eventual league champions, and went undefeated in there first season.


The West Yorkshire League website launched during the 2010/11 season and is now linked through the Yorkshire website; http://www.westyorkshirevolleyball.org.uk/.


Looking forward the West Yorkshire Volleyball Association is looking at the following during the course of the 2011/12 season;


·      Increased participation in both the men’s and women’s leagues (possible entries from York University Men’s and Women’s, Bradford Volleyball Club and Barnsley 2ndWomen’s team).

·      Formation of a committee – as currently most roles covered by three people, it is hoped that now the league is back up and running and is proving sustainable that clubs within the league may take up an active role in the future.



Oliver Gregory

West Yorkshire Volleyball Association