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YVA AGM 09-06-2010

Yorkshire Volleyball Association AGM
9 June 2010, Oulton Holiday Inn Express



18 present - Association Officials, all clubs apart from Menwith Hill and Leeds Carnegie


1. Apologies

Glenn Wraith - Ladies League Secretary, Radek – Wakefield


2. Minutes of last Meetings


3. Officer's Reports

These are attached and placed on YVA website.  Actions arising are given in the minutes.


3.1 Chairman - Mike Turner (MT)

Full report attached

3.2 Secretary Tim Godson (TG)

A new development this year to have a separate person to League Secretaries.  Main role had been to support the Chair in sending information to Clubs from Volleyball England (VE).  TG received regular updates from VE on registered coaches and referees so that we could send out information to them.


Had hoped to organise a meeting with clubs about summer tournaments but had not been given sufficient notice by Volleyball England so had to sort out by e-mail. Will ensure sufficient notice from VE to organise a discussion this autumn.


ACTION TG to organise a meeting about summer tournaments in the autumn.


3.2 Treasurer - Debra Smart

The treasurer update on the finances of the Association as at 1st April – there was £2, 2347 in the main account and £2, 203 in the junior account.  This was a similar level of funding to previous years


The deposit account containing bonds stood at £780 but there had been little activity on this in recent years.  Changes to the Association’s fees and bonds was discussed at item 5


3.3 Youth Development Officer - Ed Humphries (EH)

Full report attached


3.4 Regional Coaching Administrator - Steve Matthews(SM)

Yorkshire is a centre for volleyball excellence with the GB squads training, two top Universities and a Super 8 team.  However, the extent of junior coaching was being limited by having no Community Development Coach.  It would help as well as having an increasing number of junior teams and players if there were more accredited clubs.


Several Clubs stated that they had pursued accreditation, including Beverley, Harrogate, North Riding, Leeds and Boathouse but with no response from Volleyball England.  There had been problems with staff turnover and changes to criteria.  A new club development officer would soon be in post and details would be circulated to interested clubs.


ACTION MT/TG to circulate details of new Volleyball England Club Development Officer.

Post meeting note – Details of Kate Rothery circulated.


Steve hoped to hold a further Level 1 course in the region over two weekends at end of August and early September. There was general concern at the great increase in cost of the new UKCC courses – now £150 – 180 – grant aid would need to be sort by clubs to increase numbers of qualified coaches, there were a number of funding schemes.


It was also raised that other regions made use of the GB matches at Sheffield to host development weekends for their junior teams.

ACTION – SM to investigate use of GB venues for junior development.


3.5 Referees - Diane Hollows(DH)

A referees course had been held in the region in November with good attendance, need more referees to continue or come back into active referring.  It would be good to hold more clinics for referees at events such as regional cup final.  To upgrade Diane would welcome being informed of club appointments where possible so that she could attend.   This was needed to help upgrade referees to higher levels as expected by VE and due to increasing number of NVL games in the region.

ACTION – Club Secretaries to provide fixture lists to DH


The room for the venue at Leeds was slightly small so alternatives could be considered; volunteers to host a course were welcome.  Diane also wished to set up a scorers course and a junior referees course, again help welcome.

ACTION:  Venues and help for referee development to be sent to DH.


Diane also wished to step down from post as referees administrator for the region as one of her nation roles was to work with the region's post holder and ensure they provided the necessary support.

It was agreed that a new Yorkshire Regional Referees Administrator would be sought during the season



3.6 Men's Fixtures - Doug Lawson

Doug was concerned after movement forward in recent years that there had been problems with team not fulfilling fixtures at short notice – so actions had to be taken.  Unfortunately, this had limited the numbers of matches in the bottom group in the second half of the season.  There would be more stringent penalties in the new season to try to overcome this.


Apart from this a good season of competitive volleyball, results below.  Sheffield will represent the region well in the Regional Champions competition in Kettering.





Men’s Premier League



Yorkshire Cup



Yorkshire Shield




Doug wished that referees would take more responsibilities and act as agents of the Association when controlling matches and filling in score sheets.  It was suggested that guidance was provided, perhaps through a referees and scorers clinic. 


3.7 Women's Fixtures - Glenn Wraith

Full report is attached -





Women’s Premier League

York Phoenix


Yorkshire Cup



Yorkshire Shield

York Phoenix

North Riding Eagles


A difficult decision had to be taken to remove Leeds Carnegie results from the final table, this left York Phoenix as worthy winners.  Well done to North Riding Eagles for doing well in their first yearin their first year.


Glenn echoed Men’s League comments for improved score sheets, referees must take responsibility to ensure all correct details completed.


3.8 Area Reports

Hull & East Yorkshire - Lynnda Worsnop – see attached

South Yorkshire – Doug Lawson

West Yorkshire – Oli Gregory


4. Election of Officers

The following officers were elected at the AGM -

4.1 Chairman - Mike Turner

4.2 Vice Chair – Lynnda Worsnop

4.3 Secretary – Tim Godson

4.4 Treasurer - Debra Smart

4.5 Youth Development Officer - Ed Humphries

4.6 Regional Coaching Administrator - Steve Matthews

4.7 Referees Officer - Diane Hollows

4.8 Men's League Fixtures Secretary - Doug Lawson

4.9 Women's League Fixtures Secretary - Glenn Wraith


5. YVA Leagues 2010-11

Doug updated the AGM on the tidying up and tightening up of a number of League rules.  One consequence was the increase of the bond to £70 and enforcing rules in event of last minute cancellations.  There was also the intention to levy a fee for the Cup competitions as they were increasingly expensive and further developments had been agreed for 2010 season.  However, in view of the reasonable financial state of the Associations finances it was agreed an increase of £10 on the League fee would cover this.  Teams entering the Cup only would pay £25


ACTION – Revised fees - League Entry fee (to include Cups) £60, Goodwill Bond £70, Cup only fee £25


6. A.O.B.


7. Date of Next Meeting


Compulsory League Meeting – Thursday 9 September 7.30pm, Holiday Inn Express, Oulton.  


YVA Chairman's Report 2009-10


Thanks to everyone for attending. I know that being a team's representative can be a thankless task. I hope we can keep the meeting tonight short and painless. I want to keep the enthusiasm level high, whether it be playing, coaching, refereeing. (Or even attending meetings! ) It is through local volleyball clubs that development actually happens, not by sitting in committee meetings. The clubs are essential to the health of our sport and to supplying the volleyball players (and administrators) of the future.


As Yorkshire Chairman I have represented the Yorkshire region:

- at the Volleyball England Regional Commission meetings - May 09 (Kettering), Aug 09 (Loughborough), Nov 09 (Kettering), Feb 10 (New offices, Loughborough)

- at the Volleyball England AGM in Bath in July 2009.

- in dealings with Volleyball England staff & other volunteers.


Unfortunately there isn't anyone from the national office here tonight, but just wanted to remind you that we are all part of Volleyball England. It is not just the paid, professional staff. There are a vast number of volunteers, including yourselves who go into Volleyball England. By the way, there have been a number of recent national office staffing changes, so you may now be dealing with a different person.


Looking Forward


- This is the 2nd year of the Volleyball England Strategic Plan 2009-13. If you are not aware of the aims of the plan, you should be, because this is where Volleyball England is concentrating their resources.


Change 4 Life Sports Clubs

Starting in September 2010, Volleyball is involved in a £6m School Sports Clubs initiative, funded by the Youth Sports Trust. The 7 sports are Badminton, Boccia, Fencing, Handball, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Basketball & Volleyball. There are 39 schools in Yorkshire that have chosen to do volleyball. Each club will have a start-up grant of £850 which they may choose to spend on external coaches. So, there is an opportunity here for keen volleyball coaches.


I would particularly like to thank the volunteers, involved in the Yorkshire Junior Squads Program - Coaches: Ed Humphries, Steve Matthews, Angela Routledge, Kevin O'Malley, Anthony Laffan, Penny Speers, Oli Gregory & David Roberts. Squad Managers: Yvonne Jackson, Lindsey Coulson & Samantha Wallace. They have all given up several days of their time to ensure the success of the junior program. Thanks also to Dave Speers and the Bridlington Beach Tournament for a generous donation to the junior program.


I will finish on that forward looking note and hope to see you soon on a volleyball court, on a sports field, on a beach or in a sports hall.


Mike Turner - 9/6/10


Yorkshire Ladies League Secretary's Report 2009/10


The season we have just finished has been very much one of contrasts and unfortunately my report is going to begin with the downside of the season. Everyone will by now be aware of the difficult decision I had to take towards the end of the season in ejecting Carnegie Ladies from the league. I hope that everyone will understand, if not fully support the decision and particularly the timing of it. However, as league secretary, I have a responsibility to ensure that the league is won on the volleyball court. It was just unfortunate that the course of action I had to take only became abundantly clear in the last 2 weeks of the season. Please be assured that in conjunction with the rules subcommittee, we have guaranteed that never again will this situation be allowed to arise.


Carnegie were by far the worst offenders, but in my opinion every game forfeited is a game too many, so can let’s hope we can put this behind us focus on the fact that as an association we do work together incredibly well. From both a league Secretary and personal point of view there have been some excellent examples of clubs being flexible and showing understanding, none more so than during the bad spell of weather we endured


I’m afraid I also have to have my annual moan about score sheets. Please, Please, Please take more care in ensuring the very basics are on there. The number of score sheets I receive where it is difficult to work out who the home team is and whether the fixture is league or cup is not acceptable, I know it is the overall responsibility of the referee but as many of the referees provided are supplied by the home team can I please ask that you take some ownership. Also, can the home teams remember, it is their responsibility to send in score sheets and please do so in as timely a manner as possible, this helps so much in keeping the league table up to date.


However, there were far more positives than negatives over the course of the season.


I would like to mention North Riding Eagles and complement them on their first season in the league. I am sure I am not the only one who was impressed by the work that Anthony is doing in the North East and the commitment, enthusiasm and spirit his team demonstrated. They are a very welcome addition to the league.


Once more the overall standard has been excellent, if the matches are reflected in the score sheets I see. Many of the games have been very closely fought as emphasised by the extremely tight final league standings. I was personally delighted to see York Phoenix winning the league, and would like to offer my congratulations on their achievement.


I would like to give a particular mention to finals day also; my personal thanks go to Doug for arranging an excellent day’s volleyball and to all the referees and volunteers who gave up their time. It really was a fitting climax to the season and my congratulations go to both winning teams. It looks like we have an event that will be part of the calendar for many seasons to come!


Finally, thanks to all team secretaries for their efforts this season and a request to keep your eyes and ears open , I am always on the lookout to grow the league and I hope we can pick up at least one new team this time around. So if you know of any teams who might be interested please let me know.


Glenn Wraith 07/06/2010