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YVA AGM 11-05-2009

Yorkshire Volleyball Association AGM Minutes

7.30 pm Monday 11 May 2009  - The InnKeepers Lodge, Oulton, Leeds LS26 8EJ 


23 members present - Association officials and all clubs.

1. Apologies 

Mike Turner (Chair)  Debra Smart (Treasurer)

2. Minutes of last Meetings 

Doug Lawson was present at the September 2008 meeting, otherwise agreed to be a true record.

3. Officer's Reports 

These are attached and will be placed on YVA website.  Actions arising are given in the minutes.

3.1 Chairman - Mike Turner 

See attached report

3.2 Treasurer - Debra Smart 

The treasurer has sent apologies and the finance report would be added to the minutes or be taken at the next Executive Meeting

ACTION Treasurer

3.3 Youth Development Officer - Ed Humphries 

A successful year with four squads at the national junior finals who did well, with 3rd place for U14s.  Further help would be needed to continue to develop the squads next year and clubs would need to develop players and promote them into the squads, several Clubs/Schools were receiving grants from VE.

This year’s Let Play Volleyball event would be held at Boathouse/Hawks on 21st June

3.4 Regional Coaching Administrator - Steve Matthews 

A new system of coaching training was being rolled out with the new Level One being provided at Leeds Carnegie, clubs wanting places on courses, or specific courses to be organised, should contact Steve Matthews.

The clubs agreed to circulation of the coaches questionnaire on which future coach development, possibly workshops, would be based.

ACTION Steve Mathews

The need for more coaches to develop junior squads was raised. Penny Speers commented that she was working with Leeds Carnegie students to increase junior coaching.  She suggested that Clubs work through School Sports Co-ordinators (SSCo) who would help provide access to school.  Volleyball England or Local Authorities would have SSCo contact details.

3.5 Referees - Diane Hollows

Further training sessions would be needed before the coming season, particularly with the increasing number of National League teams in the region.  Leeds Carnegie could provide a venue but Diane needed a volunteer to run this.  Also a workshop to continue development and support new Grade 4 referees would be useful, this could also cover scoring and possibly be joint with coaches, again a volunteer to help organise would be needed.  

ACTION – Volunteers to Diane Hollows to help organise referees coaching course/ workshop, 

 With the build up towards London 2012 then trained and capable line judges and scorers would also be needed, new volunteers could register using details from the Volleyball England website even though it stated that the period to volunteer finished in February.

3.6 Men's Fixtures - Doug Lawson 

Full report attached




Mens Premier League

Leeds Carnegie


Yorkshire Division 1

York Phoenix

Menwith Hill

Yorkshire Cup

Leeds Carnegie


Yorkshire Shield


Menwith Hill

Hawks were to represent the region in the Inter-Regional competition in Kettering

Standard of the score sheets were poor with teams and venues poorly described and confusing, second referees should also be provided.  A new system was discussed – see League rule changes.

The AGM thanked Doug for his excellent work in running the range of competitions over the year.

3.7 Women's Fixtures - Glenn Wraith 




Premier League

Hull University


Yorkshire Cup

Leeds Carnegie

York Phoenix

Yorkshire Shield


Menwith Hill

Congratulations to Hull University on winning the league at the end from Barnsley in a very closely contested League, all teams being competitive but with a good standard of fair play.  Although the league table may show otherwise, the league is very competitive with little difference in standard between all the teams.   Hull Uni to represent Yorkshire in the Inter Regionals?

Similar issues with the score sheets as Men’s Leagues

3.8 Area Reports 

Hull & East Yorkshire (Daniel Harrison)

125 players in 5 teams, League won by Beverley, Phoenix 2nd, Scunthorpe was a new team.  There was a also a successful end of season tournament with several Yorkshire teams taking part, including teams not in a League, York St Johns Uni., a team from York and York Uni winning.  There would be a regular summer League those interested to contact Dan.

4. Election of Officers 

The following officers were elected at the AGM -

4.1 Chairman - Mike Turner 

4.2 Vice Chair - Dan Harrison 

4.3 Secretary – Tim Godson 

4.4 Treasurer - Debra Smart 

4.5 Youth Development Officer - Ed Humphries 

4.6 Regional Coaching Administrator - Steve Matthews 

4.7 Referees Officer - Diane Hollows 

4.8 Men's League Fixtures Secretary - Doug Lawson 

4.9 Women's League Fixtures Secretary - Glenn Wraith 

5. YVA Leagues 09-10 

5.1 League Rules 

There was a wide ranging discussion of the merits of a different approach to the current Mens League structure with different models proposed.  In the end it was considered that it was too late for the season 09-10.  Therefore the League Rules Committee would be recalled to consider options for the season after.

ACTION Doug Lawson

After earlier discussions around reporting of fixtures it was agreed that an e-mail system would be trialled in the coming season.  An e-mail template would be sent out for use, results to be submitted within 48 hours to be confirmed by full results sheet within 7 days.

ACTION – Doug Lawson/Glenn Wraith to circulate simple template for submitting results 

5.2 League Fees 

In the absence of a Treasurer’s report the League fees would remain the same. 

League Entry fee £50, Goodwill Bond £30

6. A.O.B.

York VC awarded Regional Grass Series (VolleyFest 2009) as delayed decision meant Leeds/Ilkley withdrew and Hawks/Boathouse already has the Lets Play Volleyball festival.

Clubs asked for an earlier decision in future years

7. Date of Next Meeting

Compulsory League Meeting – Monday 7th September 7.30pm, InnKeepers Lodge


Summer Tournaments (Not an item for discussion, but just publicity for local events

Sat 6 June, Nottingham Tournament - (6 a-side mixed) Volleyball England Regional Grass Series Event

Sun 7 June, Ilkley Tournament, Leeds VC (4 a-side, men's, women's & juniors)

Sun 14 June, Whitby Beach Tournament 

Sun 22 June, Hawks/Boathouse Tournament, Cleckheaton  (4 a-side, men & women)

Sun 22 June, Lets Play Volleyball Festival, Cleckheaton (Junior event)

4/5 July, Bridlington Beach Tournament (4 a-side mixed)

Sun 12 July, York Tournament (4 a-side mixed & junior event)

For latest information, see the Tournaments page on the Yorkshire Volleyball site