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YVA AGM 12-06-2013

Yorkshire Volleyball Association – AGM Minutes

Wednesday 12th June 2013

7.30pm at Central, Leeds



13 members, all but 2 clubs

Mike Turner


Sam Knowd

Boathouse Ladies

Doug Lawson

Men’s League & Barnsley

Colin Elsey


Tim Godson

Secretary & York



Steve Mathews

Ex – Coaching Co-ordinator, VE Board Member

Patrick Sprakes

Joanna Sprakes

HEYVA & All Stars

Roger Kittle


Oli and Siouxsie Gregory

Garforth/ Leeds

Felicity  O’Leary


Martin Worsnop



1 Apologies

Dave Potter Leeds                                                        Mo Bucksun Hawks and Treasurer

Glenn Wraith – Ladies Secretary                                  Dave Roberts - Junior Co-ordinator

Steve Byrne - Regional Referees Co-ordinator            Ian Twitchen - Menwith Hill

Anthony Laffan - North Riding Eagles                          Lisa Wainwright CEO VE

2 Minutes

Actions from the previous AGM would be dealt with during the meeting

3             Officer Reports

3.1 Chair's Report

Volleyball England had released new Strategic Plan for 2013–17.  Various targets to improve participation.  There was an aim to target zones to increase volleyball in specific areas – Sheffield and Leeds were one candidate – not known yet which zones would be supported. 

Reported that moves to introduce individual membership voted out by clubs on two occasions – may have be a useful move but insufficient explanation on the reasons for the change and what funds raised would be used for.  He thanked all the volunteers in the association and clubs for their hard work.

3.2 Secretary’s Report

Secretary had provided link between Volleyball England and the Club circulating material and had supported the Chair on various issues. 

3.3Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer provide updated balances on accounts which were £3,067.26 for the general account and £4,414.26 for Junior account.  There were outstanding fees owing from teams and payments were owed to some individuals, particularly for the YVA results website

ACTION – Treasurer and Chair to ensure debts collected and payments due to go out

3.4 Youth Development Officer’s Report

Only one team at inter-regional, U17 boys who had performed well.  Need to develop further squad training in the future.

There was a discussion on how to support YVA squads and develop junior development and competition further.  There needed to be further competitions for teams, schools and individuals to take part.  Funds were available in the regional junior account.  Tim Godson volunteered to seek use of York College used for Cup Finals as inexpensive for days hire of 2 courts.  Would set up a competition perhaps proceeded by training.

ACTION - Dave Roberts / Tim Godson

3.5 Coaching Administrator Report

Courses had been organised but had been cancelled due to lack of support which meant new coaches were not being developed, there was demand in the Region.  Clubs hoped that links to the new development area could help boost courses and it would be useful to run some Lets Play Volleyball courses which were useful for teachers, community coaches and those running general sports – many had general sports training and equipment but were not qualified to include volleyball in session

3.6 Referees Coordinator Report

A Grade 4 course had been run by Volleyball England in the region (Sheffield).

3.7 Men’s League Secretary’s Report

Generally the competition ran well but one team had left the League after not fulfilling sufficient fixtures. There were some concerns over lack of a full set of officials not being present at games – this should be reported through the score sheet and sanctions could be taken.

The new electronic based results system was very well received and it was a very close season, with many close games and very close result in the League with Hawks narrowly winning and HEYVA and Beverley tying for 2nd place.

3.8 Ladies’ League Secretary’s Report

Similar situation as Men’s League.   Harrogate won the League, with Barnsley second, several games were not completed due to DNA volleyball cancelling at short notice. 

4. Area Reports

HEYVA – see attached

West Yorkshire – see attached

Further teams would be sought to strengthen their league, and perhaps Men’s team from other areas.

South Yorkshire

Three teams completed the competition, but only Barnsley are actually from South Yorkshire. Worksop and Chesterfield also took part. It is hoped that the league could be maintained over the coming season.

5.Election of Officials

The following were elected:–

Chair – Mike Turner

Secretary – Felicity O’Leary

Treasurer – Mo Bucksun

Coaches Administrator – Tim Godson

Referees Secretary            - Roger Kittle

Men’s Competitions Secretary – Doug Lawson

Women’s Competitions Secretary – Patrick Sprakes

Youth Development Officer – Dave Roberts 

6 YVA Competitions 12 - 13

The Men’s competition would continue as per the eventual situation in 2012-13 – with team playing home and away, as no team wished to be promoted

In the Ladies - York Zumbas wished to be promoted to Premier League.

A new way of carrying out registering players and recording fixtures electronically would be examined for the new season.

6.1 Rule Changes

None had been circulated but it was suggested that a discussion would take place after the meeting.  This took place before the AGM was completed.  After much discussion it was agreed that:

In the League the rules were returned to no players from NVL teams outside the bottom two tiers of the Leagues.  In the Cup competitions – NO NVL players could be played

ACTION: Secretaries to draft and circulate new rules.

ACTION: Secretaries would send out requests for clubs to enter teams after the AGM now rule changes were clear

6.2 League Fees

As a financial position was available there was a discussion as to whether League fees should be reduce.  There was no decision taken so League fees remain at £60 per team in the League - with £70 bond for new teams and £25 for Cup entries, with £10 bond.

Discussion took place on use of the funds across the year, suggestions included supporting junior activity and the provision of trophies for winners of competitions was to be investigated

7.            AOB 

8. Date and Venue of the AGM

Pre-season meeting to be on Monday 16 September 2013 venue to be confirmed.

The AGM on Wednesday 18 June 2014


Hull & East Yorkshire Volleyball Association Report 2012-13

Yorkshire Volleyball AGM, Wednesday 12th June 2013

With the new committee of last season now firmly familiarised with their roles, work at HEYVA this season has gone from strength to strength.

Junior Volleyball

A mixed sex weekly training session at Baysgarth School has welcomed numbers of between 18-25 players most weeks. The average age is 14.

Yorkshire Premier Leagues

Both the ladies and men’s teams would like to thank Doug Lawson for his excellent organisation of the leagues (often in difficult circumstances) during last season.

The young ladies team very much enjoyed playing in the league. They have encouraged new players and hope to be more of a force next season.

In the men’s league Beverley and HEYVA All Stars were delighted to share second place on equal points and set difference. It will no doubt be business as usual for Beverley next season. After two great seasons in the Yorkshire premier league, the future of HEYVA All Stars men is currently unknown with some key players choosing to play their Volleyball at York next season.

HEYVA League

A hard fought league again this year. Started out with 9 teams and ended with 7. Both Hull University sides pulled out. Disappointingly, this was because of lack of organisation rather than lack of player interest. A new girl will be taking on the secretary role next season, so we hope for better.

Beverley were the league champions. Scunthorpe won the cup with Holderness Phoenix winning the plate. It was encouraging to see successful B teams from Holderness, Beverley and Scunthorpe.

Jubilee Cup

Daniel Foster of Beverley should take most credit for organising this event which went down very well last month. 12 teams entered a full day of competition.

HEYVA Summer League

We currently have 18 pairs (young and old) competing every Thursday evening in the HEYVA Summer League. There are three leagues in accordance to ability level. It’s quite competitive but played with great spirit. There are many spectators this year, hoping to play next year too.

A successful year for HEYVA. Looking forward to the summer competitions and the next indoor season.

 Patrick Sprakes, HEYVA Chairman


WYVA Report for the Yorkshire Volleyball Association AGM – Wednesday 12th June 2013


An improved year for the WYVA from 2012-13 with a good level of competition and participation in the Men’s league.  

Men’s league entries were as follows: Harrogate 2, Huddersfield University, Boathouse, Wakefield Polonia, York Crusaders and St John’s Rangers.  

Women’s league entries were as follows: Barnsley 2, Harrogate 2, York University and York Zumbas.  

The Men’s league completed all fixtures bar two. The league champions for 2013 were Huddersfield University and went on to win the Yorkshire Area Championship against Beverley GLB’s.  

The Women’s league did not fulfil all matches and its eventual champions were York Zumbas. Again the number of close 4 and 5 set matches between all teams was a highlight and shows good depth for the women’s competitions going forward in Yorkshire. Zumbas now have the decision whether to take up a place in the Yorkshire Premier, a decision that would be backed by the WYVA if required. 

Looking forward the West Yorkshire Volleyball Association is looking at the following during the course of the 2013/14 season;   Increased participation in both the men’s and women’s leagues.  


Oliver Gregory  West Yorkshire Volleyball Association