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League Rules

Premier League Rules 2013-14 

1. Introduction

1.1   These are the rules for the Yorkshire Volleyball Association Men’s (a men only league) and Ladies’ (a ladies only) Premier Leagues.

1.2   All affiliated clubs must have a constitutionally elected committee, be well organized and capable of supporting and sustaining a full fixture programme within the Yorkshire region.

1.3   In the event of a situation arising not covered herein then FIVB rules shall apply.

1.4   As an association we believe in fair and equitable competition and so all rules must be adhered to without exception. These league rules are voted on and ratified by you the membership at the AGM at the end of every season.

1.5   We are not a punitive association but there are sanctions to safeguard the sanctity of these rules. Rarely, if ever are they needed to be applied. Lets keep it that way!

2. Registration – Teams

Before the season commences:

2.1   All teams must be registered with Volleyball England.

2.2   All teams must be registered with Yorkshire Volleyball.

2.3   League Fees (£60) must be paid before or at the pre season meeting.

2.4   If league fees are not paid by 1st October the team may be asked to leave the league.

2.5   Each team shall pay a goodwill bond of £70 when they first join the league. The fee is returned should a team leave the league at the end of a season. Failure to comply with these rules may result in fines, which will be taken from the offending team’s goodwill bond. (see Sanctions, below)

3. Registration – Players

3.1   All players must be registered with Yorkshire Volleyball before competing in any match.

3.2   It is the responsibility of each club to keep their registrations up to date on their club page of the new YVA website. All player registrations require a photo, the site will not accept a registration without a photo.

3.3   A minimum of 8 players must be registered by the start of the season.

3.4   Additional players may be registered after the start of the season. These players must be registered before the first game in which they are involved. No excuses!

3.5   Registration cards are no longer required. Teams are required to use only registered players in any match. Each clubs registration page is “open” on the website for all to view. If an opposition team has any doubt about the eligibility of any player at any match all they have to do is check. If it is found that a player is not registered then they must not play. The matter must then be recorded on the score sheet for the attention of the League Secretary.

3.6   No player may be registered after or transferred between teams after March 1st.

3.7   Only National League Div 2 & 3 players are permitted to compete in the Yorkshire Premier Leagues.

3.8   National League Super 8 & Div 1 players are not permitted unless they are under-18.

3.9   A player may transfer between teams during the season. The player does not need the permission of their original team, but no transfer will be accepted unless the original team has been contacted first by the new team. An email of intent must be sent to the original team and the League Secretary before any transfer takes place. A player may only make one transfer per session.

4. Meetings

4.1   The Pre Season Meeting (September) is held to ensure that the forthcoming season is managed effectively. It is at this time that league fixtures are organized and confirmed and the cup draw made. It is also a time to welcome new teams to the leagues and field any questions about the season to come. It is important that each club is represented at this meeting by someone who can arrange fixtures on behalf of their club. The date and venue for this meeting will be set at the AGM at the end of the previous season.

4.2   The End of Season Meeting or AGM (June) is held to draw the season to a close. It is a time to celebrate success and a time and to review the season and make important decisions about the new season to come. It is vital that your club is represented. It is the time when these league rules are ratified for the following season. The date and venue for this meeting will be set at the Pre Season Meeting in September.

4.3   Yorkshire Volleyball is only as good as its member clubs. It is your Association, your support is necessary to ensure fair and equitable competition. Each club must be represented at both of these meetings, failure to do so will result in sanctions.

5. Arranging Matches

5.1 We have a “flexible” fixtures programme to allow clubs with multiple teams in various leagues to more effectively manage their commitments. However, each team is expected to work to a prescribed series of deadline dates and failure to keep up with this schedule may result in a team being removed from the league.

5.2 It is always the responsibility of the home team to get their own home fixtures organized.

5.3 Arranged matches must be confirmed by email, not less than 2 weeks prior to the arranged match date by both teams. You should save all confirmations until the end of the season in case of dispute.

5.4 All confirmed match dates must be input onto the YVA website.

5.5 Once a match has been confirmed, should a team have a justifiable reason to call it off and rearrange then they only have one further opportunity to get the match played. If, for any reason they should have need to call off a “confirmed” rearranged game, then they shall default the match to the opposition.

5.5 Teams cancelling matches with less than 7 days notice will default automatically. The only exception to this rule will be if there are exceptional circumstances, e.g. adverse weather conditions, venue closed or traffic gridlock. In the event of any dispute the matter shall be referred to the League Secretary.

5.6 24 to 48 hours before any match club secretaries must make a courtesy call to re-confirm arrangements. This is best done by phone or text, but it may be done by email providing an answer is received.

5.7 Any team who is experiencing difficulty in contacting an opposing team should contact the league secretary immediately.

6. Match Organisation

It is the responsibility of the home team:

6.1 To provide a registered 1st referee and meet their expenses.

6.2 To provide a competent 2nd referee.

6.3 To provide a competent scorer with regulation score sheet and a clearly visible scoreboard.

6.4 To make a copy of the league rules available.

6.5 To provide a minimum of 2 hours court time.

Two hours is considered adequate to complete a match, including warm up, time outs and turnarounds, provided the following timings are observed:

The match will begin no later than 20 minutes after access to the court.

If either team (home or away) is not ready to play for any reason after 20 minutes, they will forfeit the 1st set (25-0)

If the team is still not ready to play 40 minutes after the start time, they will forfeit the 2nd set (25-0)

If the team is still not ready to play 60 minutes after the start time, they will forfeit the 3rd set (25-0) and the match 3-0.

6.6 If the court is only available for the minimum 2 hour period, the home team must make it clear from the start, the time at which play must stop and the court cleared. Should the court be available for longer than 2 hours this must also be made clear to the visiting team.

6.7 All matches shall be the best of 5 sets.

6.8 If only 3 sets have been completed and there is less than 5 minutes of court time remaining, the match will end and the score will stand as a 3–2 result.

    If there is 5 minutes or more of available time left, the 4th set must start immediately and the team leading at the end of time will be deemed to have won that set (provided that they lead by at least one point). There shall be no time outs.

    If the match is then tied at 2 sets each, the winner will be the team with the highest accumulative points from the 4 sets played. If the teams are still tied then both teams shall be awarded 2 league points.

6.9 If the 4th set has been completed and there is 5 minutes or more of available time left, the 5th set must start immediately and the team leading at the end of time (provided that they lead by at least one point) will be deemed to have won that set. (There shall be no time outs in this 5th set)

6.10 It is the duty of the referee to monitor the use of time during any such 5 minute (plus) periods of play to ensure that no team seeks to gain an advantage and to inform both teams when 1 minute of playing time remains and to inform them when the last serve of the match is about to be played.

6.11 All playing kit must be numbered and of uniform colour (with the exception of the libero who must have a numbered shirt of a different colour)

7. Score sheets

7.1 It is the responsibility of both teams to ensure that all details are accurately recorded on the score sheet. The score sheet must be signed by the coaches and captains of both teams prior to the start of the match.

7.2 After the match it is the responsibility of the scorer to ensure that all scores are accurately recorded, totalled up and that any players sanctions are recorded. The referee shall then check the score sheet which must then be “signed off” by both captains.

7.3 Only the referee can write comments on the score sheet. The league secretary must be informed by email within 7 days of any dispute arising from a match.

 7.4 A photo of the bottom right corner of the score sheet clearly showing the result of the match with set scores and a list of all the players who took part in the match must be emailed to the League Secretary upon completion of the match by the home team. This must be done and the scores inputted on the website within 7 days of the match. Failure to do so could result in sanctions against the home team.

7.5 There is no longer a requirement to post the score sheets. However, you must save them and submit them to the League Secretaries at the AGM for moderation purposes.

8. Points and Tables

8.1 League points will be awarded:

3 points for a win.

1 point for a loss.

2 points for a “shared” match (see 6.8)

-1 point for a loss by “default”

8.2 The league champions will be the team who have the most points at the end of the season.

8.3 In the event of a tie positions will be decided by:

i. least matches lost by default

ii. sets difference

iii. points difference

iv. the results of the matches played between the tied teams.

9. Promotion and Relegation

9.1 New teams seeking promotion to the Yorkshire Men’s or Ladies’ Premier League must have the support of their area association and “usually” after winning their area league.

9.2 There are no relegation issues pertaining to the Ladies Premier League 2013-14.

9.3 The teams finishing 11th and 12th in the Men’s Premier League 2013/14 face the prospect of relegation.

9.4 Each of the Area Association’s Leagues (HEYVA, SYVA & WYVA) are permitted to support one team from their league for possible promotion.


i. If only one team from one area league seeks promotion then they shall “play-off” with the 12th placed Premier team for the right to play in the Premier League in 2014/15.

ii. If 2 or 3 area teams seek promotion then there shall be a 4 or 5 team “play-off” as the 11th placed Premier team will also be involved. The top 2 teams in any 4 or 5 team “play-off” will earn the right to play in the Premier League in 2014/15.

9.6 The “play-offs” for Premier League places will take place within the Yorkshire Area’s Champions Trophy, a tournament held at the end of the season. Only players registered to play for a Premier League team involved in the play offs are eligible, likewise only bone fide Association players will be eligible to play for an Association team involved in any play off.

9.7 If a team defaults 3 matches they shall be removed from the league for the remainder of the season and all their results to that point shall be removed from the League table. They will not be entitled to a play-off place at the end of the season and will need to requalify should they wish to rejoin the league at the conclusion of the following season.

10. Sanctions

10.1 Any complaint or dispute must be submitted in writing to the league secretary within 7 days. Copies must be sent to all parties concerned. All decisions made by the Executive Committee of YVA are final and binding.

10.2 Player sanctions should be recorded on the score sheet by the scorer / referee.

Yellow card = 1 point

Red card = 3 points

10.3 Any player who accumulates 3 points will receive a £10 fine.

10.4 If the same player accumulates a further 3 points they will receive a second £10 fine and a one match ban.

10.5 Failure to send a team rep to any compulsory meeting (pre season or AGM) = £30. The only exceptions are adverse weather, breakdown and road network gridlock.

10.6 Failure to attend a confirmed match:

Home team at fault: they shall meet the travelling expenses of the visiting team and the referees expenses.

Visiting team at fault: they shall meet the court expenses and officials expenses of the home team where appropriate.

In all cases where one team is claiming costs from another the league secretary must be notified immediately.

The team claiming the costs shall be paid by the league treasurer from the offending teams goodwill bond.

The team at fault will default the match to the team that attends 3-0 (25-0, 25-0, 25-0) and shall have 1 league point deducted.


i Failure to provide the necessary facilities for a home match

ii Failure to provide a registered 1st referee for a home match

iii Failure to send in the scores within 7 days.

All carry the same penalties:

1st and 2nd offence – a written warning.

3rd and 4th offence – a £10 fine for each.

5th and subsequent offences – a deduction of 1 league point.

10.8 Use of any unregistered player – the match will be defaulted to the opposition.

10.9 Use of a player serving a one match ban – the match will be defaulted to the opposition and a fine of £10 levied.

11. Goodwill Bonds

11.1 A Goodwill Bond of £70 is held by the League for each team. Any fines levied will be subtracted from the teams goodwill bond and any shortfall in the bond must be made good within 14 days.

11.2 A team must have cleared its debts by the time of the AGM or its application to join the league for the following season will be declined.

11.3 A team with outstanding debts to the league must clear them before they receive any awards or trophies.