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End of Season Tournament 2008

Yorkshire Volleyball Men’s End of Season Tournament

GEMTEC Arena,  Hull, Sunday  11 May  2008 

Teams: Barnsley, Boathouse, City of Hull, Harrogate, Hull Uni, Leeds 1, Leeds 2, Sheffield, Worksop.

09:00hrs, Sunday 11 May, driving eastbound on the M62. Clear skies, warm sun, junction 37 in the distance, A614 Bridlington. 

Why am I driving to Hull? Wouldn’t it be nice to hit the beach instead?

Oh, that’s right. The YVA men’s end of season tournament at the GEMTEC Arena.

My thoughts turn to Brid 2007; suncream, sand, sweat and HAILSTONES blinding my vision. An interesting experience, though not one I want to repeat in a hurry.

As we pulled in to the arena car park it was indeed a beautiful day. A short walk and we were INSIDE.  As players arrived from all over Yorkshire and indeed Nottinghamshire, they were all of the same opinion We should be playing outside!

10:00  All teams registered and briefed.

10:30  Battle commences

Aided by Lamby from Harrogate and Harri from Hull Uni I had gone to great lengths to try and increase the number of teams taking part in this event. To be honest, it had been such a great season I had expected to be beating teams off with a big stick. I had expected 12 entries and hoped for 15, but try as we might we could not stretch it to 10 !  So, 9 teams, 3 courts, 7 hours, the temptation was too great. I decided that everyone could play everyone else! 25 minute matches with 10 minute turnarounds. Every team would play 2 matches back to back, with a match off inbetween. But in that time off they would have to officiate another match. Apologies to Leeds 1 and Hull Uni who at one point played 3 back to back matches. Sorry guys, but somebody had to and it was just luck of the draw. 

And so it was  full onin yer face, total volleyball for 7 hours. In the words of that late great Yorkshireman Eddie Waring, it truly was a mini marathon!

Teams and officials organised themselves well and all the games ran exactly to time. Everyone who officiated did a fantastic job, so a BIG THANK YOU from me. Because without you guys doing your bit the tournament could not have run so smoothly.

Teams were disciplined and all the matches appeared to be contested in excellent spirits. There was a really good feel about the place. Though the pace of the event was fast and furious, the competition intense, the conditions just a tad warm (phew!) and more than a few players expressed concerns about their ability to walk the following day, it was a fabulous days volleyball. Absolutely everybody played their part in making the event such a success.

Teams assembled at the close of play and gongs presented.

Worksop, our visitors from Nottinghamshire, were the tournament winners. Not only did they play well, but they played in good spirit and made friends throughout the day. I hope we see them at our next event.

Sheffield were runners up. I know for sure that they too would like to see Worksop at the next event so that they can attempt to even the score !

Leeds 1 and City of Hull were 3rd & 4th placed respectively.

A big thanks to everyone who took part. A special thanks to City of Hull V.C for preparing and clearing the courts, particularly Martin Worsnop and Phil Taylor. Thanks again to Martin for his assistance throughout the day.

It is my intention to run the pre season tournament at either Becketts Park, Leeds or the EIS, Sheffield around mid to late September. So keep an eye on the Yorkshire Volleyball website for further details and indeed to keep up to date with all that is happening in volleyball in Yorkshire.

Have a great Summer, see you at Brid.  

Doug Lawson